40+ WONDERS was founded in March 2014 to inspire and empower women 40 years old and older and to celebrate their inner and outer beauty. Our vision is to connect with mature women and build solid social, community, and business relationships around the world. It’s a platform where women can continue to grow in strong, positive and healthy relationships with one another.

40+ Wonders connects, educates, and supports women 40 years of age and older and inspires them to give back to their communities through mentoring, networking and volunteerism. Our volunteer work supports local organizations which include women shelters, women in poverty, and mentorship of young women, girls and boys.

Membership is open to women who are interested in women issues, volunteerism, mentoring, and networking. 40+ combines philanthropy with socializing and networking with women of diverse cultures and backgrounds.  We offer many opportunities for our members to connect through various networking mixers, professional and personal development workshops, topic driven panel discussions focusing on fashion, beauty, health, wellness, and more.

40+ WONDERS is looking to expand across the world touching the lives of all women ages, 40+ and older, building an unbreakable commitment and bond of SISTERHOOD!

If you truly want to cultivate new friendships, relationships, and professional & business growth with others that enjoy staying social and active, then this is the group for you! Come one, come all, and join the 40+ WONDERS experience!!! Let the world know that “40+ Is WONDERFUL!”


Toni Acey, Pennae Akpuru, Rashan Ali, Carlyn Benson-Butts, Teena Gamble, Christina Johnson, Drea Kelly, Yolanda Owens, Sharlinda Parker, Courtney Rhodes,Bo Talley, & Skyy

Wonders Celebrity Photographer: Drexina Nelson of Drexina Nelson Photography 


Skyy Wonders, inspirational motivator, photographer, image catalyst, philanthropist, and proud mother. She is legally named Carla Daniel and was born August 2, 1970 in Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and continued her education at Bauder College where she received her degree in Fashion Merchandising.
After 40 years on this earth, Skyy was able to overcome the effects of her negative childhood environments, adult relationships, and domestic violence. Concerned by the number of women she encountered, struggling with similar issues, Skyy wanted to create a platform that would uplift, motivate, encourage, and empower women 40 years of age and older. This platform, 40+ Wonders, started in 2014 and has been touching lives all over.
Skyy believes with God you can
accomplish and conquer anything. Always believe in yourself and speak positive words in the air you speak. “I’M 40+ AND I AM WONDERFUL!”

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