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Growing to Love Fitness Again

I was very active as a child. I was always running up and down the streets, wanting to always race my friends. I played tag football, basketball, walked miles just to go swimming, rode my bike miles away from home, and ran track for most of my young childhood life. I was in great shape! After graduating from high school, I was no longer as active and no longer had the desire to run track or exercise. I wasn’t lazy or anything, I just didn’t care to workout. As I got older, I would have my spurts of working out all the time and loving it to not working out at all and hating it. Now at 45 years old I dread working out, I rather cuddle on the couch and watch a good movie during my free time. I ask myself, “What happened? Why don’t I like working out anymore?’’, questions I can’t seem to answer.  I’ve been seeking for that high I used to get when I ran track or when I used to want to be in the gym every day. I’ve been searching for a workout routine that I would embrace and enjoy doing, but haven’t found one yet. Until then, I will continue to do my squats, pushups, tricep dips, jump rope, and breathing exercises. I will continue to share my journey of with finding the right fitness routine that will rock my world! Desperately wanting to fall in love again with fitness again…

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