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I am wonderful! I am woman! I am 40 plus woman! I am a wonderful, 40 plus woman! That means I am wonderful and full of wonder. What is wonder? The dictionaries’ definition of wonder is, “a feeling of surprise, mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful. To be wonderful or wondrous means to be amazing, awesome, and astonishing.”

I AM WONDERFUL! I am incredible and beautiful. You may not see or even agree with my beauty, but that is because your eyes are limited to the external. My beauty and wonder begins internally, at the essence of my core and of my being. I have been fearfully and wonderfully made. I and only I, can conceive, protect, feed, and give birth to life.

My beauty begins inside of me and slowly oozes out of every pore of my being to serve as the light to the darkness, the warmth to the coldness, the home to the homeless, and the love to the loveless.

My mind is meticulous, my heart is heroic, my strength is silent, my love is long, my patience is pure, my beauty is bottomless, and that is why I AM WONDERFUL!

I refuse to continue to wander, wondering about my wondrousness. No longer will my perception of myself be based upon your perception of me. I no longer seek external affirmation, confirmation, conversation, or appreciation of my internal beauty. When I look in the mirror of life I see an amazing 40 plus woman full of power, peace and potential.

So watch out world and get ready for this warm, wise, witty, well-balanced, well informed, well meaning, not afraid of winning, hard working wonderful forty plus woman.

Yours Truly,

Hidden Wonders

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