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Open Your Eyes!

My eyes opened when I decided to do the A.M.A. (Aboriginal Medical Association) 14 Day Liquid Fast. I read all their information on their website along with other similar parties and started to digest the information they shared. I agree with them, we as a people have been misled regarding our dietary and medical practices. The health institutions and government agencies want us to believe there are no cures for diseases and they continue to feed our brains that the foods they recommend are healthy and good for us. Why? It’s all about the money! If everyone is healthy, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and the government agencies can’t make any money. So they tell us what to eat, foods that are killing us! We are brainwashed to stray away and discredit those who try to educate us and have the cures to disease and minor illnesses. Just think about this one thing, why are there alarming rates of people with diseases and minor illnesses if they are telling us to eat certain foods and take certain medications to be healthy? THEY DON’T WANT US TO BE HEALTHY, they want us sick! It’s all about the

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