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Who’s In Your Circle?

40+ Wonders 2nd Annual 2016 "What's Your Sexy?" Calendar Release Party

40+ Wonders 2nd Annual 2016 “What’s Your Sexy?” Calendar Release Party

Who’s in your circle? I’ve been faced with this question in the last 2-3 weeks. As a guest on the Heidi Fuller Show, I was asked who was on my team and list at least 10 people. Fortunately, I was able to list 10 people, but I can’t say that would be true a year ago.

On my journey with 40+ Wonders I have met some awesome people who genuinely supports my visions, goals, and dreams, as well as my interest and support in theirs.

My circle consist of people who are my friends, colleagues, and peers. You are only as good as those around you. Your circle should consist of those who are building you up and not tearing you down. They should be people who are resourceful, successful or striving to be.


Do you have people in your circle who tears you down, doubts your dreams and goals, and makes you feel guilty for growing, or jealous and envious of your success? If you have those kind of people in your life, you may want to clean house! Disassociate yourself with those type of people. They can keep you from growing and being the best you can be. Surround yourself with like-minded people and never feel obligated to surround yourself with those who have no goals, determination, motivation, or desire to be successful just because you have years of invested time with them. These people can be the result of you not succeeding and winning. My beautiful WONDERS, I want you to reflect on who’s in your circle, you may need to CLEAN HOUSE!

Wonderfully Yours,

Skyy Wonders ♥

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